Australian Council of Engineering Deans National Award for Engineering Education Excellence

About this Award

Awarded for demonstrated excellence in Engineering Education, which may include curriculum design, student support, peer support, or other significant initiatives with enduring positive impact. This award is intended to recognise significant and sustained contributions to Australasian Engineering Education at a multi-institutional or sector-wide level. Applicants may be individuals or small teams who can demonstrate sustained excellence using appropriate evidence.

2022 Nominations Close 1 August 2022
Judging Criteria
Submission Guidelines

Judging Criteria

  • Focus and relevance – clearly articulate the challenges addressed and the outcomes achieved, focusing on significance of the work to engineering education practice at an institutional and/or national level.
  • Context – situate the work within relevant bodies of knowledge and describe how it draws on this to address our understanding of teaching and learning in your context.
  • Contribution – Clearly demonstrate how the work has contributed to Australasian Engineering Education and in particular the AAEE community
  • Evidence of continuous monitoring and evaluation – present original ideas and results of significance supported by clear reasoning and compelling evidence over a sustained period.
  • Clarity and readability – exhibit clear, concise, and precise exposition that appeals to a broad readership interested in engineering education research and practice, and provide tables and figures, as needed, that meaningfully add to the narrative.

Submission Guidelines

You must provide the following for your submission:

  • Profile image
  • Short biography (200 words)
  • Abstract summarising nomination (150 words)
  • For team nominations: Statement communicating the percent contribution of each team member and a summary of what each team member’s contribution was to the substantive work.
  • Statement addressing the criteria (maximum of five A4 pages with minimum 12-point font)


$5000, plus a framed certificate

2021 Winner

Professor Timothy McCarthy, University of Wollongong

Director of the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre

Professor Tim McCarthy is the Director of the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre at the University of Wollongong. He holds Bachelor and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering. Having lectured in UK for 19 years he was appointed as Professor of Civil Engineering at UOW in 2004.

His research in Australia has concentrated on Ecologically Sustainable Structural Design, improving the carbon footprint of construction materials and Engineering Education. His teaching concentrates on structural design of buildings, and engineering mechanics. He was CI on 6 major OLT National Projects (leading two of these).

He was awarded an ALTC National Citation for outstanding contribution to student learning (2010) and AAEE Award for Student Engagement (2014). He led the UOW Student Construction team which won the Solar Decathlon China competition in 2013. From 2016-2018 he led Team UOW’s Solar Decathlon entry in Dubai coming second overall. This project received multiple awards including Green Gown Australasia for Student Engagement (2019), NSW Green Globe (2019), Australian Engineering Excellence Award (2020) and Australian institute of Building Residential Building (2019).

He is the principal author of the Sustainable Engineering chapter in Engineering Your Future: An Australasian Guide 4th Ed (2020), used throughout Australia and New Zealand.