Most Outstanding Company in Gender Diversity

About this Award

This award promotes national engineering excellence and the contribution women in engineering make to the community. This award seeks to identify, recognise and reward companies that strive towards national engineering excellence in encouraging gender diversity. This award is open to large organisations that employ 200 or more people.

The Gender in Diversity awards will not be hosted in 2022.
Nomination Criteria
Terms and Conditions
Submission Guidelines
Presentation of the Award

Nomination Criteria

  • Projects demonstrating recruiting, retaining and recognising female engineers
  • Previous award or recognition or statement in Gender Diversity and/or significant effort in improvement of policies, procedures in regard to Gender Diversity
  • Degree to which a company has fostered skill development of female engineers
  • Degree to which female engineers have achieved career progression within the company
  • Numbers of female engineers and female members of Engineers Australia per male equivalency (fellows, CPEng, members and grads)

Terms and Conditions

  • Eligible companies can be not-for-profit or commercial
  • Each criteria is to be addressed using no more than 500 words per criteria
  • Eligible companies must employ 200 or more people

Submission Guidelines

You must provide the following with your submission:

  • Submit nomination online
  • Biographical Information (100 words)
  • Statement addressing each criterion (no more than 500 words per criteria)

Presentation of the Award

The award consists of a framed certificate and is presented at a special event selected as appropriate by the National Committee for Women in Engineering.

Most Outstanding Company in Gender Diversity 2021 Award winner

Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

Jacobs is a leader in gender inclusion and diversity, with an aspirational goal of achieving 40:40:20 gender diversity (40% women, 40% men, 20% any gender) across our business by FY 2025.

We continue to lead by example, build strong connections through employee networks and invest in transforming our culture for our employees, industry partners and clients. Our various accolades reflect our significant progress and enduring leadership commitment to gender equality and inclusion actions in our workplace through flexibility, pay equity, and implementing targets to support the equal advancement of all genders into leadership positions.

Jacobs is delighted to receive this award highlighting our efforts to be champions of change in inclusion and diversity in engineering globally. We are proud to provide a workplace for all and one where everyone feels valued and respected.

Most Outstanding Company in Gender Diversity 2020 Award Highly Commended


For GHD, this recognition is a great reminder of how far we have come and highlights our focus on implementing programs that encourage a gender balance, both within GHD and across the wider industry. 

In recent times we’ve launched our popular and successful Career Relaunch Program, introduced several career advancement programs that target and sponsor future female leaders, and continually strive to inspire female high school and university students into STEM careers by partnering with various industry organisations.

We are proud of our preparedness to try new initiatives which are all part of creating a workplace of the future.

Past Winners

2019 Winner – Hatch

2019 Highly Commended – Norman Disney & Young

2018 Winner – Department of Transport and Main Roads

2018 Highly Commended – GHD

2017 Winner – Arup

2017 Highly Commended – GHD

2016 Winner – AECOM

2016 Highly Commended – Aurizon

2015 Winner – Aurizon

2015 Highly Commended – GHD Pty Ltd