National Committee on Engineering Design (NCED)

The Warman International Students Design Award Competition

(2nd year mechanical engineers)

This yearly competition is for second year mechanical engineering students.

All recognised engineering teaching institutions may submit a team for the national award, having first conducted in house competitions to ascertain their representations. A separate design problem is set each year. Financial support for Teams to attend this competition has been provided by Engineers Australia.

The Warman Student Design and Build Competition

The Warman Student Design and Build Competition, now in its 32nd year, is a University based contest that sees Mechanical Engineering students from across Australia, New Zealand and other countries compete to become the annual design and build champion!

Sponsored by the globally renowned Weir Minerals, each year competing students are required to design, build and prove a prototype system in a laboratory environment that serves to meet specified requirements.

Campus heats are run across the nation throughout the University semester, the winner of which, going on to the national final.

This competition is generously sponsored by Weir Minerals.

Warman Design and Build Competition Website

For more information or if you would like to be involved please contact 02 6270 6126 or [email protected].