RTSA Annual Rail Scholarship

About this Award

The Scholarship is offered annually to professionals and technicians who work in the rail industry in Australasia for at least two years and are desirous of attaining a higher level of qualification by attending a university course that is relevant to their work either at graduate or undergraduate level.

Nominations Close 24 June 2022
Scholarship Conditions
Nomination Criteria

Scholarship Conditions

The Scholarship recipient shall:

  • be responsible for making an application to attend the preferred course, managing the admission process and all aspects of completing the course.
  • commence the course within 12 months of receiving the Scholarship or the offer will be withdrawn.
  • receive no further payments within 4 years of receiving the Scholarship

Course costs will be reimbursed by the RTSA up to the limits set out in the above upon the submission by the Scholarship recipient to the RTSA of receipts for payment to the university for fees, for the costs of text books and/or approved study materials. Academic transcripts demonstrating successful achievement of the units studied during the period of the claim also shall be presented to the RTSA at the time of making a claim.

Should the scholarship recipient fail any subject(s) in a year, the RTSA will not reimburse any costs for that year. The cost of re-sitting the subject(s) shall be at the scholarship recipient’s own cost. When/if the failed subject(s) are retaken successfully, the claim may be re-submitted for the year in which the subject(s) have been completed. If the scholarship recipient withdraws or does not complete the course then the scholarship will cease, with future claims not being entertained.

Nomination Criteria

Applicants for the Scholarship shall:

  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand.
  • be eligible to attend a suitable rail industry related post graduate course of study in Australia or New Zealand by meeting the admission and entry requirements of the relevant university
    (the applicant is responsible for ensuring that he or she satisfies this criteria).
  • have been working continuously in the Australasian rail industry for at least two years prior to lodging an application.
  • not be currently participating in study for any graduate or post graduate rail industry related university course, unless the applicant can demonstrate special circumstances. Please attach details.

In exceptional circumstances, approval may be given for an applicant to undertake a specialist rail course by distance learning, from an overseas university, if such courses are not available in Australia or New Zealand.