Tertiary Awards

Recognising the hard work and achievements of Australia’s most dedicated engineering students.

Every year Engineers Australia seeks to recognise those who will join the engineering profession and contribute to its future through the annual Institution and College Graduate Engineer Awards. Institutions are invited to select graduating students to be awarded an Engineers Australia Institution Graduate Award and to also nominate students for consideration for the Engineers Australia College National Graduate Awards.


An Engineers Australia Institution Graduate Award is awarded to a graduating student engineer from any engineering discipline from each Australian tertiary institution. Each institution is invited to select this award recipient, using the selection criteria outlined below. Engineers Australia will then present the Award. For institutions with engineering programs at more than one level, an award can be presented at each engineering occupation level (e.g. professional engineering level – BE(Hons) or ME where engineering is a second degree, engineering technologist – BTech, associate engineer – AdvDip or Associate Degree). These awards will be decided by each tertiary institution and presented in conjunction with the local Engineers Australia office.

The Engineers Australia College National Graduate Award is awarded nationally to a graduating student engineer. Each Australian tertiary institution is invited to nominate one student per College discipline (see below), per engineering occupational level. These nominees will then be considered by each College with one student per occupational level being selected nationally. The presentation of the National Graduate Award will be arranged by each of the Colleges.

The recipient of the Engineers Australia Institution Graduate Award at a tertiary institution would be the highest achieving student of those nominated from each discipline for the Engineers Australia College National Graduate Awards.

Note: Institutions that present awards in honour of a high achieving engineer or prominent individual could reassign that name to the new award should they choose to do so.

Who should be nominated?

The awards recognise graduating student engineers who have achieved academic excellence, demonstrated practical engineering ability, exhibited ethical and professional behavior, and displayed leadership which has influenced their peers. Who is most likely to make an impact on their profession? Who will be a respected engineer? Engineers Australia values the role engineers play from a professional and societal perspective.

Selection Criteria
Recognition of Award Recipients
Submission details and key dates

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria are aligned to the Engineers Australia Stage 1 competencies with each criterion weighted equally. If all is equal, then the second criterion should take precedence. Tertiary institutions can determine the most appropriate nomination/selection process using these criteria for their institution. For College National Graduate Awards, Engineers Australia may include an interview and/or presentation where written nominations cannot differentiate.

Knowledge and Skill Base

Achieved academic excellence in conceptual and theoretical engineering fundamentals

Guidance: Based on existing formal and informal assessment of academic performance through examinations, assignments, oral presentations, or any other assessment method (as measured by GPA)

Engineering Application Ability

Demonstrated high standards in practical application of engineering methods, techniques, tools, processes and resources

Guidance: Based on existing formal and informal assessment of practice through assignments, laboratory, test and experimental procedures, analyses, work placements and projects, both individual and group (e.g. performance in capstone/final year project)

Professional and Personal Attributes

Exhibited ethical and professional behaviour, collaborative, persuasive and effective communication, and influential leadership among peers

Guidance: Based on observed behaviour in projects and in programmed as well as extra-curricular activities




To be eligible for the Awards nominees must:

  • Have completed a degree or diploma accredited by Engineers Australia in the relevant calendar year
  • Be a member of Engineers Australia at the time of receipt of the Award
  • Be eligible to graduate, by completing all program requirements
  • Be nominated by their tertiary institution; they may not self-nominate

Student engineers selected for their respective Institution Award may be from any discipline.

Student engineers nominated for a College National Award must have completed a program aligned with one of the following Engineers Australia Colleges:

  • Biomedical
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Information Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Structural

Engineering programs which are cross-disciplinary or dual degrees should be aligned to the most appropriate College. An individual nominee can only be nominated for one College. It is expected that the student selected for the Institution Award will be the highest achieving of those nominated for the relevant College National Awards.

Recognition of Award Recipients

Selected award recipients will receive a certificate in recognition of their achievement and 3 years of free graduate membership with Engineers Australia. These will be presented in collaboration with Engineers Australia and the relevant tertiary institution.

Submission details and key dates

Nominations will be called in November each year, for student engineers who have completed their program requirements and have graduated or are about to graduate in that calendar year. It is recognised that graduation ceremonies do not necessarily occur in the year that a student becomes eligible to graduate.

Nominations for the 2021 Tertiary Awards are now open.

Nomination open date: 1st November 2021.

Nomination close date: 25th February 2022. 

Recipients of all Awards will be notified by 8th April 2022.



Completed nomination forms can be submitted via email to [email protected]