John A Brodie Medal

Awards of Excellence in Chemical Engineering

About this Award

The John A Brodie Medal is named in honour of Mr J A Brodie, who was Chief Engineer with Union Carbide. He established the reputation as a leading industrial innovator in Australia, having been responsible for the design and construction of polyethylene film extrusion units, the manufacture of bakelite and a continuous crystallization plant known as the Brodie Purifier. He won several international awards for his inventions, and he also won the Prince Philip Award for Australian Design. Mr Brodie was a Councillor of the Institution from 1967 to 1971.

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Terms and Conditions
Presentation of the Award

Terms and Conditions

The John A Brodie Medal is awarded by Engineers Australia for the best paper in the discipline of chemical engineering presented at the Chemeca Conference, at any other conference sponsored by Engineers Australia or at a Engineers Australia Chemical branch meeting.

This award is not limited to Engineers Australia members.

Presentation of the Award

The Award consists of a medal and certificate and is presented at an upcoming event in 2021.

2019 Winner

Michael Kacprzak (Lead Author)

Lalitha Parthasarathy, Rebecca Lockett, Luke Walsh, Tiffany Chen and Gino Iori (Co-Authors).

For the paper titled:

Sydney Water’s innovative approach for optimising chemical dosing into sewer networks

Michael Kacprzak graduated with a Bachelor of Land & Water Science from the University of Sydney in 2006.  He started his career in the water industry working for private consultancy undertaking projects for a range of metropolitan and regional authorities.  During this time Michael undertook numerous projects relating to wastewater odour and corrosion including chemical dosing evaluations, odour studies and specialist gas testing.

In 2014 Michael joined Sydney Water in the Hydrometric Services department assisting in the operation and maintenance of permanent wastewater flow and rain gauging sites.  He was then seconded into the Instrumentation and Special Projects group to test and maintain measurement and monitoring instrumentation.

In 2016 Michael gained a position in the Wastewater Product Programs Corrosion and Odour portfolio as a Senior Networks Program Scientist.  Michael works with a diverse range of internal stakeholders to deliver effective network odour and corrosion management.  He fulfils a range of duties that include tender reviews, operational budget estimates, odour and corrosion management project design reviews and provision of operational input in higher level strategic planning.

Michael has an interest in wastewater network monitoring and enjoys the challenging aspects of trying to accurately measure parameters in this difficult and complex matrix.